Why are we looking for profitable YouTube channel ideas without a face?

Why are we looking for profitable YouTube channel ideas without a face? course, everyone who wants to work and profit from the Internet comes to mind: profit from YouTube, but many are searching for

Why Are We Looking For Profitable Youtube Channel Ideas Without A Face?
Why Are We Looking For Profitable Youtube Channel Ideas Without A Face?

suitable ideas to create a YouTube channel, but without appearing in person or with his face in front of the cameras, and this is due to the following reasons:

1- The person is ashamed to appear in front of the cameras.

2- Not wanting to show the person’s identity to viewers.

3- The person may not have the appropriate decoration or place for photography.

4- It is inexpensive compared to photography equipment, lighting, and decoration.

5- The channel content does not require the person to appear in any way.

6- Providing cartoon videos that do not require the person who owns the channel to appear.

There are many other reasons that prompt many to create YouTube channels without showing their faces at all.

The most important tools you need to create a YouTube channel without appearing

Indeed, it is necessary to create your channel on YouTube without your appearance. You need some sites that
will make it easier for you and help you in creating videos within your profitable channel, God willing, as follows:

Video sites without rights for commercial use

You will definitely need to add appropriate video clips or clips that are related to the topic of the video
in order to attract viewers and make them watch the video using appropriate visual clips.
Indeed, here you can get these clips from

Free stock photo sites for commercial use

You can use attractive and attention-grabbing images regarding the topic and content of
your video in your YouTube channel that you want to make without you appearing in front of the camera.

Artificial intelligence sites for producing images

Since we are in the era of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to use images that express a specific idea by
using sites for producing images with artificial intelligence, such as the Midjorney website,
but if you want similar sites
that are an alternative to Midjorney, you can through

Websites for converting text to video

In some excellent ideas for creating a YouTube channel without showing your face, you need to
convert text or script into a video that contains ready-made and appropriate video clips with the click of a button
, and you can use these best  sites to convert the article or text into a video in a very excellent way  .

Sites for converting images into videos using artificial intelligence

In the context of obtaining expressive video clips that you use on your YouTube channel,
you have  distinguished sites for converting images into videos with artificial intelligence  that make your video
full of vitality and professionalism.

Sites to get 100% natural voice commentary

In order to make your video accepted into the YouTube profit program,
you must use a voice to explain the content of the video or topic, whether in your natural voice
or from a freelancer or by using  the best sites for converting text into 100% natural voice.

Programs or websites for screen recording

In some ideas for creating YouTube channels without your presence, you need to photograph
your computer screen to record the private content that you display on your device.
There are many examples:  OBS  ,  SCREENREC  ,  Sharex  ,  DVDVIDEOSOFT SCREEN.

Programs or websites for video editing or editing

Before publishing your beautiful videos that you made for your YouTube channel, you must prepare them well
in a video editing program or website to modify the video by adding
visual effects, adding titles, colors, music, etc.,
such as:  Davinci resolve  ,  Openshot Clipchamp .

Canva website

The Canva website  is currently indispensable for working on the Internet, and with regard to
creating a YouTube channel without your appearance, indeed, you will need the Canva website for some ideas for YouTube channels
to create complete videos through it only!! .

Some ideas require your iPhone camera

In some ideas for creating channels without appearing, you will have to use
your phone camera. Of course, it is not to photograph you, but rather what you are doing and want to film for the viewers.

Ways to profit from YouTube

1- Profit through Google AdSense ads

2- Affiliate marketing

3- Promotion through sponsorship videos

4- Selling digital products in the description box

5- You can sell print-on-demand products through a feature on some sites such as Spring.

6- Obtaining visits to your website

7- Obtaining donations or financial support for the content from viewers.

8- Advertising for other channels, products, or people’s websites because you are an influencer.

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