when it comes to domain Help You Supercharge Your Site’s SEO

when it comes to domain Help You Supercharge Your Site’s SEO made several SEO updates you should know about, that will help you improve your site’s ranking in search results.

When It Comes To Domain Help You Supercharge Your Site’s Seo
When It Comes To Domain Help You Supercharge Your Site’s Seo

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See & manage the index settings of all site pages in one place

The Page SEO section under your Site Overview now includes a new No Index column, with a per-page checkbox. This lets you see and manage all your site pages’ indexing settings in a single view, instead of having to go page-by-page settings in the Pages panel.

Which pages should you set to no index?

Ideally, all your site’s important pages should be set to index (meaning, asking search engines to crawl the page), except for those with low SEO value like pages with duplicated content or URLs, and pages you don’t want site visitors to access through search results. Pages you set as Drafts will be set to no index by default.

Add custom HTML metadata to dynamic pages

If you build sites using Dynamic pages, this one’s for you. We’ve added the ability to add dynamic metadata to Dynamic pages (other than meta title and description tags, which are already available today).

Use it to connect any collection field and inject data into the Dynamic pages’ head section, like Open Graph properties and many others:

Have clients’ products show as rich snippets on Google

Mastering Chat Apps With Flutter &Amp; Firebase

Do you manage client sites selling physical products online? Now you can instantly sync their catalog with Google to have their products show as rich snippets in Google Shopping, along with the image, price, and direct link to that product page.

Just head over to the Google Tools section under SEO & Settings, generate the .xml feed file, and upload it to your client’s Google Merchant Center account.

From that point on, any updates made to your client’s catalog on Duda will auto-sync with Google, ensuring only in-stock items are shown with the updated price and image.

More tailored AI SEO Assistant suggestions

Advanced Seo Course: Ai Techniques Mastery
Advanced Seo Course: Ai Techniques Mastery

We’ve added a new field to the AI Business Profile you complete the first time you use the AI Assistant for a site, to know where your client’s business serves its customers.

How does this data point help your site’s SEO?

With this input, the Assistant can generate page meta tags and site text with a more drilled-down contextual focus, resulting in increased relevance and better-optimized site SEO overall.

Those were 4 SEO updates that will help your agency optimize clients’ sites better and faster, offering your existing and potential clients a greater value overall.

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