What can we expect from Google Developers Conference 2024?

What can we expect from Google Developers Conference 2024? Google “I/O” conference is the largest developer conference that the company holds every year, and is very similar to the Apple Developers Conference (WWDC) or the Microsoft “Build” conference, which is the event in which Google discusses everything it is working on. New hardware and software updates such as the Android operating system.

What Can We Expect From Google Developers Conference 2024?
What Can We Expect From Google Developers Conference 2024?


This year’s Google I/O conference begins on May 14, with the opening keynote broadcast live on the Internet at 10 a.m. Pacific time (8 p.m. Mecca time).

What new do we expect from Google in this year’s conference?

Budget Pixel phone

What Can We Expect From Google Developers Conference 2024?

Google often relies on the “I/O” conference to present its series of budget smartphones, as the Pixel “7a” phone was released in last year’s 2023 edition and the “6a” phone was released in 2022. As we approach this year’s edition of the conference, several reports indicate Until Google will reveal the “8a” version of the Pixel phone.

What reports indicate is that this year’s version will retain the same 6.1-inch screen size as last year’s version, but with a higher refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and an increase in screen brightness, which are good improvements for a budget phone.

The new version of the phone is also supposed to move to the next generation when it comes to the internal processing chip (SoC), by moving from the Google “Tensor G2” chip to the “Tensor G3” chip, which is the same internal processing chip in versions. The phone is the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, but some reports indicated that the economical processor version will be lower in speed compared to other versions in the series. The chip works well with AI tasks on the phone, though it’s not the best gaming chip out there.

Perhaps we are waiting for some minor improvements to the body of the “8a” phone to match the design of the Pixel 8 series, such as rounded corners. Expectations indicate that the price of the new version of the economic phone may start at $500.

Pixel Fold phone

When it was presented at the 2023 “I/O” conference, Google described its “Pixel Fold” foldable phone as the thinnest foldable phone on the market, a title it later lost to the Honor “Magic V2” phone. The Pixel Fold features a wider cover screen than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which makes it look like a traditional phone when closed.

Some reports recently published images of leaks of the new Pixel Fold 2 phone version, showing the biggest design change on the back of the device. Instead of continuing to place the camera line on this part, which has been present in all Pixel phones since the Pixel 6 series, it will place The company’s camera is in the form of a prominent bump.

The external screen may come in at a size of 6 inches, and the internal screen looks more elegant with smaller bezels than in the previous Pixel Fold phone version, and the internal front camera may be moved from the frame to the bottom of the screen. Reports also indicated that the “Fold 2” version may be the first version of the Pixel phone to operate with the “Tensor G4” chip.

But timing is the most important thing. Reports related to the “Fold 2” phone are somewhat few as we approach the conference date, and Google may still be working on developing the new version of its foldable phone, as well as on developing the new “Tensor G4” processing chip, in order to launch it. New phone later this year.

Android 15

If there is one product that we will definitely see at the “I/O” conference, it is the new version of the Android system, and this year it will be Android 15. Last year, Google showed off the “Magic Compose” feature for Android 14, which suggests responses in applications. Such as Google Messages, in addition to features like “Money Wallpaper,” which uses machine learning techniques to help you customize the appearance of your device.

The company has already released two beta versions of Android 15 to developers, and has also released the beta version, which provide us with some hints about what the final version of the system will bring. For example, the new “Private Space” feature will allow you to hide specific applications, files, or folders on your phone and hide notifications from those applications while the phone is locked. There is also a “calm down notifications” feature that will reduce the number of consecutive notifications, relieving you of stress when you are bombarded with group chat messages.

The first phones that will receive the Android 15 system will be Pixel phones from Google, but it is likely that the system will reach the devices of other companies shortly after that. You can also join the trial of the beta version if you want to see the new updates before their official release if you are a phone user. pixel.

More artificial intelligence V2 Airdrop Can Offer A Non-Transferable Token

Over the past year, and especially over the past few months, Google has been constantly releasing new AI features. Last year’s edition of the conference revolved mostly around generative artificial intelligence techniques and the company’s vision for this field.

This year’s edition of the conference will likely be the best opportunity to highlight more of the new artificial intelligence features that the company will launch, and to develop a plan for their access to the user and how to use them.

In general, we waited because we would be on time to cover the most important announcements at the Google conference on May 14th.

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