The expansion of the Internet and the increase in content consumption

With the expansion of the Internet and the increasing consumption of visual content on video platforms such as YouTube, converting videos into written articles has become increasingly important.
Imagine with me innovatively transforming this visual content and re-presenting it in text format, allowing it to reach a wider audience and achieving various goals such as providing information,… So in this article, we will explore how to write exclusive articles based on video content, and we will learn about 7 tools and techniques for converting video into written text effectively and easily.

What is the importance of converting YouTube videos into articles?

– Improve content access: Turning videos into articles can increase the number of people who can access the content.

– Enhance readers’ experience: People who prefer reading to listening can benefit from converting video content to text.

– Search Engine Optimization: Providing written content can help increase the visibility of the content to search engines and improve its ranking.

– Save time and effort in writing an article from scratch

Sites for converting YouTube videos into outstanding articles

Gemini (extract content from YouTube video link)

One of the amazing tools with artificial intelligence is ChatGPT, which allows you to easily write a command and a directive to rephrase the text inside a YouTube video and turn it into a distinct article with titles, text paragraphs, and so on, and then paste the link of the YouTube video that you want to turn into an article.

ChatGPT (Create an article from YouTube after transcribing it in writing)

Here in ChatGPT, it is a little different from the GEMINI site, as it cannot extract the text and content from the placement of the link or link, so you must first get the ready-made script for the YouTube video, and you can do all of that easily through tools that convert the YouTube video to text, such as the ANTHIAGO website, after that. Take the script and paraphrase ChatGPT and turn it into an article.


A wonderful site that simply converts a YouTube video into a beautiful article. All you have to do is put a link to the video
In the designated box, you can choose advanced customizations, such as writing tone and keywords, if you want to make the article compatible.
With SEO around a specific target word and others.


A unique and free tool that enables you to create a unique article from a YouTube video, because once you place the link to the YouTube video
The tool will convert it into written content and a beautiful article, including the introduction, main titles, etc.


It is one of the modern sites that works with artificial intelligence, and has amazing quality tools, such as summarizing YouTube videos.
Or create wonderful articles. In addition, the presence of a beautiful tool that converts a YouTube video into a detailed article will certainly amaze you.
The Koala website not only creates a regular article, but it turns it into a text icon and a rich and perfectly arranged article.


It is a paid site, but it allows you to try it for free by creating three beautiful articles by placing links to YouTube videos. Indeed, the site is distinguished from others in giving you everything you need to publish your articles directly, such as an attractive title, meta description, and so on.


One of the first tools supported by ChatGPT regarding YouTube, it is a Google add-on that you can add to your Google browser, and benefit from it for free in more than one task, such as summarizing videos, obtaining key points, and repeating an item.
Video is like creating social media posts or converting them into an article. You do not have to put prompts or directions for the share in order to publish your wonderful article for free.


In the end, you know how to convert YouTube into articles that are compatible with SEO and you can profit from them.
In more than one way, whether through affiliate marketing or selling them as exclusive articles with beautiful ideas and others.

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