The anti-human trafficking charity, Stop the Traffik, has unveiled a new

The anti-human trafficking charity, Stop the Traffik, has unveiled a new logo created by Fold7Design. Aimed at highlighting the organization’s dynamic approach towards countering human trafficking, the new design marks a departure from their traditional handprint logo.

This modern interpretation symbolizes strength, unity, and resistance against human exploitation, emphasizing the charity’s relentless fight against this appalling crime. The updated branding not only reflects a new image but also reiterates their evolving strategy to actively undermine trafficking networks.

The fresh look, imbued with a sense of urgency, foregrounds the charity’s shift towards proactive, preventive measures rather than reactive responses. By augmenting the charity’s visibility and relevance, the rebranding aims to encourage increased support and understanding of their crucial work.

Tom Munckton, Creative Director of Fold7Design, strongly advocates prevention-focused, intelligence-led strategies for countering human trafficking.

His innovative approach involves harnessing modern technology, leveraging data analysis, and forging strategic alliances.

A significant feature of the rebranding is the “stop arrow” symbol that underlines the need for actively preventing human trafficking rather than dealing with its aftermath. The stop arrow emblem represents a dedication to creating a society free from exploitation and abuse, underscoring the importance of proactive prevention.

The redesigned logo enables word marks, unifies representative illustrations, and provides a canvas for key slogans, while highlighting the organisation’s mission effectively. Boosted by bold typography and striking color schemes, the logo not only carries forward the brand’s core values but amplifies it.

Following the rebranding, the organisation has initiated the development of a module for infographics, diverse visual elements, and a flexible identity for digital platforms. Their new visual language would be integrated into the Stop app, a tool for reporting global human trafficking incidences.

Meanwhile, Fold7, the organisation behind Fold7Design, is prepping for an extensive creative campaign scheduled for a later date. On another note, this article’s author, Jenny is open to any content-related queries.

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