Rebranding Stop the Traffik’s visual identity Human trafficking prevention

Rebranding Stop the Traffik’s visual identity

Human trafficking prevention charity, Stop the Traffik, is introducing a fresh visual identity to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Created by Fold7, the new brand identity emphasises the organisation’s dedication to preventing human trafficking using technology, data, and crucial partnerships.

Central to this rebranding is the novel “stop arrow”, symbolising the organisation’s commitment to halt human trafficking before it happens.

Tom Munckton, Creative Director at Fold7, explains that this potent emblem serves as a foundation for the charity’s entire rebranding campaign,

Designed with versatility in mind, the emblem complements everything from taglines to logos, introducing a new perspective to branding strategies.

It utilises negative space to accentuate its message, creating a pause to reflect and plan amidst constant movement.

Besides visual elements, the rebrand incorporates typographic elements highlighting data-focused strategies for raising awareness about human trafficking.

The Bunch Extra Bold typeface is used for balance, and a trust-inducing color palette brings in engagement and reliability.

Monochrome illustrations, striking colors and unique typography combine tactfully to address complex issues related to human trafficking while maintaining respectfulness.

These elements coherently balance to create a powerful visual narrative that carefully communicates the severity of the situation.

The refreshed brand extends to developing sub-branded infographics and a digital-friendly identity.

The updated aesthetic is already integrated into promotional materials and their mobile app, allowing worldwide reporting of suspected trafficking cases.

Stop the Traffik’s rebranding effort encapsulates their core values and mission, presenting a revitalised platform for advocacy and change.

With this dynamic update and the fusion of the aesthetic redesign with technological innovation, the organization remains resolute in the battle against human trafficking.

Finally, Fold7 is developing a creative campaign centered around the new branding, anticipated to be launched later this year.

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