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Of course, you come across many videos on YouTube and social media, where there is a virtual character or an alternative avatar to present these clips without showing the real person behind the camera!
Therefore, in this article, you will learn about 3 different ways to create an avatar that speaks in your videos, which makes them more interesting.
Vagumza and follow-up!

So, what is a virtual character or avatar?

A virtual character or avatar is a cartoon or anime character and is considered a powerful tool that allows individuals
Customize their online presence and leave a lasting impression on their audience.

Yes, this makes your videos distinctive for a long time and differs from the general impression in the videos of those around you who are content creators.

As for faceless video content, virtual characters play a crucial role
Establishing a visual identity for the speaker and content creators, whether on YouTube or social media.

So, instead of showing your face, you can present your “artificial human” in front of people.

These characters are a virtual representation of the person, which makes the content more relevant, engaging and interesting!

Why do we use avatars in videos?

That’s why we use avatars, and of course, there are some reasons why
Motivates you to create videos without showing your face using virtual characters such as:

  • Create videos in different languages.
  • You do not have a camera or a suitable place to record your videos.
  • Better represent the virtual persona you create with content.
  • Not revealing your basic identity, which creates a kind of mystery.
  • Choose content with controversial opinions and therefore you do not want to show your true personality.

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Ways to create your own virtual characters?

There are a number of different ways to create your virtual character that will replace you in the video presentation in a professional manner, and of course
Each method depends on the type of content and your niche.

1- Create an avatar that speaks using the brand image.

Last Updated On April 10Th

It is a simple way to create a beautiful and attractive virtual character.

You can just take your profile picture or YouTube channel, and place it over the face of any character in any trending video.

However, with this method, you have to track the movement of the image with the person in the video,
You can easily do this using Capcut or any other editing software.
You can do it step by step as follows:

1- Go to the GIPHY website

Last Updated On April 10Th
Last Updated On April 10Th

Where you will find millions of these GIFS or animated images that express many memes
And funny situations and reactions
Different types of anger, astonishment, horror, inquiry, and so on.

2- Choose one of these GIFS

Either by finding it on the home page or searching for what you want in the search box.,
Then open the page that displays the GIF.

3- Download this GIF

Last Updated On April 10Th

Download the GIF directly to your device by clicking on the image and choosing Download or

Take the GIF link from above and go to a site that downloads these GIFS to your device, such as this site.

4- Convert GIF to video

Last Updated On April 10Th
Last Updated On April 10Th

You can use any site that converts GIF formats to MP4, such as this site.

5- Create your own avatar

Create An Avatar That Speaks
Last Updated On April 10Th

Here you can use any video editing and modification program, such as Premiere Pro, DaVanci, or the Capcut website.
Then, upload the previously created video and also the profile picture of your account, and after that you must use the tool
Face tracking to make the image match the face of the person in the original meme.

2- Create an avatar that speaks from a still image

Last Updated On April 10Th

You can create a professional image using one of the artificial intelligence image generators such as Midjourney, Leonardo, or Idiogram, and you have more than 15 free alternative sites to the Midjourney website to create this character as you like this:

“Anime cartoon male character, black foldable hat, headphones around neck, sitting upright, looking directly into the camera in a beautiful and expressive cyberpunk studio, table in front of him, wearing a dark blue hoodie, cinematic.”👇👇

anime cartoon of a male character , a black packable cap , headphone around the neck , sitting upright , looking straight into the camera in a very nice and expressive cyberbunk studio , table in front , wearing a dark blue hoodie, cinematic

Create An Avatar That Speaks
Last Updated On April 10Th

You can change anything like colors and modes according to your preference.

To make this image have a movable mouth as if the character is speaking, Simply head to YouTube or green wallpaper sites Search for “talking mouth green screen,” then choose your favorite and download it ( Make sure it is Copyright free as stated by the content creator in the description box.

after that, Switch to Canvawhere you can upload the AI-generated image and video clip with the green background.

And there, Remove video backgroundIf you use Canva Pro through the video editing feature
Then choose to remove the background or go to the UNSCREEN website to remove the green background for 100% free.
Keep the animated mouth and then re-upload the video without a background to the Canva website.

And you should here Accurate placement of the moving mouth On the face, it is as if this character is speaking in the video!!
Of course, you can add anything you like to the video, such as a laptop, a vase, and so on.

3- Use a ready-made avatar with real commentary

It involves using professional websites designed specifically to create this type of virtual character and speaking avatar
Using artificial intelligence.

Create An Avatar That Speaks
Last Updated On April 10Th

Of course, the best thing about it is creating avatars for real human characters to present your content on your behalf.
In addition to speaking various languages ​​with a natural commentary voice and matching the lip movement with the spoken words very accurately!!

Indeed, there are many sites that provide this service, such as: D-ID, Hygen, Dupdub, and others
You will even find this feature on the Canva website in the apps section, where you will find many
Sites that provide this service in cooperation with Canva, such as d-id, Deepreel, and so on.

Last two words

In conclusion, with these methods you will be able to create an avatar that speaks for free to create your content on YouTube.
And social media platforms without appearing in front of the cameras
Rather, it will add a form of creativity and excitement to your videos
Accordingly, it will lead to an increase in views and followers.

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