If you have PowerPoint on your device,

If you have PowerPoint on your device, you have a great tool with which you can create exceptional presentations. You can use it in more than one way and in multiple fields to make profits online or even in online work in general.

How to profit from presentations and PowerPoint?

There are many ways to profit from the Internet and profit from presentations, whether you make them in PowerPoint or websites
Artificial intelligence to produce presentations such as:

Create a YouTube channel like Animated Biology with ARPan

Create a YouTube channel that gives presentations using PowerPoint. An example of this is the Animated Biology with R-Pan channel, which provides content dedicated to the field of biology and life sciences.
Indeed, here you can learn more than 60 profitable ideas for creating YouTube channels without appearing in front of the camera.

Use PowerPoint to prepare presentations and record your screen with screen recording software like This enables you to create engaging, high-quality educational content.

Promote products via PowerPoint Presentations

Use PowerPoint presentations to promote products effectively. You can bring traffic to your website or YouTube channel with presentations. You can also share presentations on platforms like to reach a larger audience.

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Convert presentations into digital products

Take advantage of PowerPoint Presentations by turning them into digital products. And of course these are these products
Distinctive: You may include as much information as you wish, such as tips or plans, or you can create a book or story for adults or children.
Then you sell them on excellent platforms that enable you to profit from the Internet by selling digital products.

Selling digital books Ebooks

You can convert them into digital books and sell them on platforms like Amazon Kindle. As a printed or digital book through
The most famous platform for selling books ever.
Use tools like to easily convert presentations to PDF.

Freelance services

Offer your services on well-known freelance sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and People per Hour. If you are an expert in creating professional presentations using PowerPoint or artificial intelligence websites to create presentations
You can get job opportunities through these platforms

Sites that offer ready-made, free presentation templates


A wonderful platform that offers free templates for design, including presentation templates. It is a truly amazing site because it contains
Thousands of graphics, pictures, designs, logos, fonts, and many other things that anyone needs.
Work online, and of course you will find a huge section of wonderful templates for many programs for creating presentations, such as PowerPoint and Google Slide.


Another platform that offers free pre-made templates, including templates with great images and visual effects.

Take advantage of these tools and templates to make it easy to create professional, effective Presentations.

Using artificial intelligence websites to create presentations

1. Opportunity

In this method, we are talking about using websites that use artificial intelligence to prepare presentations. An example of this is Gamma.abha, which is considered one of the distinguished sites. The speaker visited about 8-9 months ago and noticed significant progress in the world of AI.

It is noteworthy that you can easily create websites, documents and presentations with Gamma.abha, and you can register for free. The user writes the prompt or description of the presentation he wants to create, for example a presentation about Mars or how to swim faster.

The site delivers professional and beautiful presentations in a short time.

2. Opportunity

Another leading site in producing presentations using AI is Tom.abha. The speaker notes that you can list the programs or details for the show, and the site will set up the show professionally and for free.


The speaker reviews the website as a distinct option as it is dedicated to making presentations with artificial intelligence, and it can be used as an alternative to the Canva website for presenting content on social media platforms and YouTube.

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4. Presentation production tools

The speaker offers several other sites such as,,, and, where you can produce presentations using AI. Some of these sites offer free professional templates, while others offer paid options with a free trial period.

ALast two words

These methods allow you to create professional presentations quickly and effectively, whether using a computer or through artificial intelligence websites. He invites listeners to explore these sites and use the tools freely to gain experience in the field.

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