How to write an article with artificial intelligence For Free, Exclusively 100% SEO compatible

How to write an article with artificial intelligence for free, exclusively 100% SEO compatible I will explain to you how to write an article using artificial intelligence, free and exclusive, and 100% compatible with SEO standards. There is now a great development in the world.

How To Write An Article With Artificial Intelligence For Free, Exclusively 100% Seo Compatible
How To Write An Article With Artificial Intelligence For Free, Exclusively 100% Seo Compatible

Very important in the field of technology, and artificial intelligence has become used in many fields such as publishing and writing, so it must be taken advantage of and used to write articles professionally and exclusively, away from copying and pasting.

How to write an article with artificial intelligence for free

First: The benefits of using artificial intelligence in writing articles:
1- Saving time and effort: It helps the writer complete the task very quickly and create as much content as possible in a quick and professional manner.
2- Content accuracy: Artificial intelligence (AI) helps you with modern techniques in linguistic analysis to process texts and provide reliable and correct information.
3- New ideas: Artificial intelligence can create new ideas that help you generate advanced content in writing a good and exclusive article.
4- Search engine optimization: Artificial intelligence has the ability to write an article and identify the important elements that make your article superior to others because it cares about keywords and topics that are popular with Google search engines.
• The benefits of artificial intelligence are many, so we talk about them in this article to learn  how to write an article using artificial intelligence  professionally and for free.

How to write an article with artificial intelligence that is compatible with SEO standards

How To Write An Article With Artificial Intelligence For Free, Exclusively 100% Seo Compatible
How To Write An Article With Artificial Intelligence For Free, Exclusively 100% Seo Compatible
There are many tools and websites that use artificial intelligence to create content and articles easily, professionally and exclusively, including  ChatGPT,  which is free and simple to use.
  1. Go to the GBT Chat website.
  2. Log in or create a new account.
  3. You will see a conversation between you and chatgpt.
  4. Ask him to write an article, for example, about “the benefits of artificial intelligence.”
  5. Ask him to put a keyword, for example: “The importance of artificial intelligence.”
  6. He will start writing about the topic completely and with very high accuracy.
• You can use this site in a more professional manner, modify this information, divide it, and arrange it in a way that is better and appropriate for your topic, and modify this information as you wish. My best advice is to amend it properly and review the information well before publishing it in your article.
Steps to write an article with artificial intelligence for free

1- Determine the topic: Start by specifying the topic of the article you want to write about using artificial intelligence.

2- Determine the title of the article: Determine the title and keyword to search for on the site and write a topic about it.

3- Review the article: Once the article is written using artificial intelligence, review the text, correct any error that appears, and check the language and proofread it well in the article.

4- Publish the article: After ensuring the quality and exclusivity of the article, publish it.

Advantages of writing articles with artificial intelligence

Writing an article with artificial intelligence  using  the Guinrank tool  has many advantages, including:
  • AI technology helps the tool write articles that rank high in the first results of search engines and are compatible with SEO standards.
  • Providing many new ideas for writing articles.
  • It gives you exclusivity for your articles with 100% high quality.
  • AI gives you insight into competitors and their site scores.
  • It gives you the power to search as Google works on your site.
  • Provides you with many questions for content seekers.
  • Paraphrasing the article.
Rephrasing articles with artificial intelligence
The purpose of rephrasing is to innovate with new words and more information. Using artificial intelligence with all these technologies does not mean that you are using someone else’s ideas. You must put your creative touch and the intervention of the human mind with these powerful tools.
– In the Guinrank tool, you can make a very good paraphrase of your article directly using the “Rewriter” tool. All you do is put the text of the article you want to rephrase and click on the word “start rewrite.” The tool will completely rephrase the content of the article.
Note:  You should know that the advantage of artificial intelligence in rephrasing or writing content is to cooperate with you as a human mind to produce exclusive content of 100% high quality.

Disadvantages of writing an article with artificial intelligence

Although the presence of artificial intelligence in writing articles is considered very effective and of high quality, there are some drawbacks that the writer faces, and the most important of these points are:

Lack of human intervention: The article created with AI loses the human dimension and human interaction with the content provided by the blogger, and sometimes the text may be inconsistent and lack the spirit that the writer adds.

The possibility of an error: Despite the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence can cause technical errors, whether in the use of the language itself or incomprehensible harmony, and this leads to inaccurate and incomprehensible articles.

Lack of creativity: The article created by artificial intelligence may be limited in creativity and diversity in written style, because the text is devoid of emotion and the artistic touch that communicates to the visitor. For example, if you write an article that contains poetic texts and talks about emotion, you will lose many of the emotions that give value. For the article.

Weak interaction: There can be a lack of interaction with readers, responding to their needs, and responding to their inquiries, and this is done only by a human writer, and he is the only one capable of doing that.

Clerical job market threat: The increased use of artificial intelligence in writing articles may lead to a direct threat to the clerical job market, as artificial intelligence can replace human writers in some cases, and this certainly reduces existing job opportunities.

• Artificial intelligence certainly has advantages and disadvantages, and it can be used effectively to enhance the quality of content and access any information very quickly and with ease, but one must beware of these negatives, work with them, and intervene as a human writer to produce the best possible from artificial intelligence.

Balance between human writer and artificial intelligence

• After knowing  how to write an article with artificial intelligence,  we must talk about the balance between the human writer and artificial intelligence, because it represents a very important challenge in the world of writing and technology.

• The role of the human writer is to bring creativity and a special touch to texts, as he has the ability to deeply understand emotions and feelings and embody them in words in a way that interacts with the visitor significantly and effectively.

• On the other hand, artificial intelligence represents a powerful assistant to writers in the writing process, as it can provide knowledge, help analyze data, suggest new and advanced ideas, as well as improve text structures and perform distinguished linguistic and spelling checks.

• So to achieve a balance between a human writer and artificial intelligence, writers must learn how to use technology correctly and effectively to enhance their creativity without giving up their unique identity as writers. A human writer must have the ability to make decisions and determine the creative approach they want, while artificial intelligence can Support and guide him in this process.

• The balance between the human writer and artificial intelligence can also be seen as a partnership that combines the unique creativity of humans with the analytical and cognitive power of technology, which leads to the production of texts that are more influential, effective, and attractive to readers.

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