How to easily rank in SEO using long-tail keywords 2024

How to easily rank in SEO using long-tail keywords 2024 is clear from the title of today’s article, “How to ensure that your articles rank high using long-tail keywords,” what are the secrets of ranking high in search engines, long-tail keywords, what are long-tail keywords? ..

How To Easily Rank In Seo Using Long-Tail Keywords 2024
How To Easily Rank In Seo Using Long-Tail Keywords 2024

What are the keywords?

I think, without a doubt, that you know well the meaning of  keywords,  or at least you know a little about them, but do not worry if it is the first time you know the term keywords  or keywords .

Keywords are the words or phrases that bloggers, website owners, or SEO specialists use to explain the topic of the article or website content. 

Keywords or keywords   must  best express the article, summarize it, in addition to what is in the title

Choosing  keywords or keywords  is the skill of finding the words and phrases that people search for in search engines in order to use them in the content of your site to target these people to visit your site.  


Types of keywords.

As we mentioned previously, keywords are very important for search engines to understand the content of your site page, and in order to use keywords correctly, you must know their types. Here, keywords are divided into two basic types, which are: – 

  •  The first type: Short tail  keywords  Short keywords
    consist   of only one to three words, and are commonly used in search engines. Short keywords   are widely used in search engines. This is because most people, when searching, resort to searching with one or two words at most. There is also intense competition for  short keywords,   and it is sometimes difficult to take the lead because large sites command a high percentage of the clicks that come to them. 
  •  The second type:  Long tail keywords  . Long keywords consist   of three or four words or more, and are often poorly used in search engines because of people who search through those short keywords.

Our topic today is how to use these  long-tail keywords or long-tail keywords  through which you can take the lead with the least competition.

What are the available long-tail words?

Available long-tail words  are phrases or words consisting of three to five words. This is because these long-tail keywords are more specific than short-tail keywords, as they allow you to target niches. 

Long keywords  are less competitive than short keywords because they are designed to better reflect people’s personalized search results.

Also, by using long-tail keywords, you can attract more high-quality traffic to your website which is more likely to lead to conversions.

Are long-tail keywords important for SEO?

How To Easily Rank In Seo Using Long-Tail Keywords 2024

Long-tail keywords are important for search engine optimization because they help increase your website’s visibility and attract more traffic to your site. Over 70% of all search queries are made using long-tail keywords, 

That’s why it’s so important to consider adding them to your content strategy. This is especially true for users who perform a lot of voice searches on their devices.

People now generally use Google’s natural language interface when searching for information. This means that using long-tail keywords in your content is a great way to attract these users and jump-start the buying journey.

Long-tail keywords that consist of at least three words are more specific to the search topic and thus provide better results for both users and site owners. 

This means that brands receive traffic that is closely aligned with their content, which will improve their ability to attract new customers into the sales cycle. Customers also receive content that is more aligned with their goals, which makes them happier.

Long-tail keywords have little competition, so it’s easier for brands to find the right keywords for their services. This means that each keyword can be tailored more specifically to what the brand offers.

How do you identify long-tail keywords? 

How To Easily Rank In Seo Using Long-Tail Keywords 2024

Long-tail keywords are easy to use and target, as there are an infinite number of long-tail keywords, and you can identify them accurately through the following strategies:  

1. Check Google’s autocomplete suggestions directly.

Autocomplete is a feature in Google Search that helps you complete searches faster by providing predictions. Our automated systems help users save time by completing the search they started.

There’s a difference between AutoComplete and Google Trends: AutoComplete is a useful but complex feature. It’s not just designed to display the most popular search queries on a particular topic. This is why autocomplete is different from Google Trends and cannot be compared.

In short, if you want to compile a list of long-tail keywords, simply enter a broad keyword into Google and see what autocomplete suggestions appear.

2. Use what, what, or how questions.

Google searches are usually questions. For example, he searches for a match time, train times, or even how to make a specific thing, such as  “how to make coffee  .  ”

Therefore, using questions and answering them with useful information can help solve specific problems that people have, and may often appear while reviewing long-tail keywords in the SEO tools you choose.

3. Add qualifications for short-tail keywords.

That is, try to add qualified terms to your keywords that are relevant to your business, product, and/or content. For example, if you sell umbrellas, append a combination of terms like “blue,” “large,” “heavy duty,” or whatever else you think is appropriate.

Also try adding localization information, for example, “large heavy duty awnings in Dubai”. Exactly yes, but chances are potential visitors will send queries like this to narrow down their search to their geographic area, which means a higher chance of converting.

4. Look at your internal search history.

If your website has an internal search function, check what users are searching for. You may be surprised by some inquiries as they may target specific products or ask very specific questions.

If visitors ask these questions on your site, they may also enter them into search engines. So, use this valuable information to create new pages completely dedicated to these long-tail keywords.

5. Research your competitors.

With the help of Google search and SEO tools, you can peek at your competitors on what specific long-tail keywords they are using to build your first SERP for more general inquiries.

 Take note of the keywords that appear most frequently on your top-ranking pages and see how you can incorporate them into your content while improving the editorial and visitor experience. Plus, you’ll get a view of keywords and ideas you may not have thought of before.

6. Conduct a gap analysis.

A gap analysis is the process of reviewing your site content for topics that you don’t currently cover or rank highly for – this gives insight into which topic areas (and long-tail keywords) you should target on your pages.

A gap analysis can be performed by reviewing your current articles for areas that can be addressed or improved. Additionally, many SEO tools allow you to review your keyword rankings and see which keywords rank well or poorly compared to your competitors.

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