A group of North Lincoln High School (NLHS) students have distinguished the

A group of North Lincoln High School (NLHS) students have distinguished themselves by becoming Adobe Certified Professionals in Visual Design. Guided by Mrs. Lora Broadus, these students have showcased their proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, mastering pixel-based technologies and understanding image resolution.

Mrs. Broadus, the mentor, has played a vital role in nurturing their potential. Her dedication, patience, and guidance have resulted in these young talents reaching this significant milestone. Speaking of her pride in their achievement, she emphasized the prominent role that an Adobe Certification plays in opening doors to numerous opportunities in the digital creativity world.

This accomplishment by the Adobe Certified NLHS professionals not only enhances the school’s reputation in the realm of digital arts and visual design but also sets an inspiring example for the other students.

Countless hours of hard work, determination, perseverance, and the constant support of Mrs. Broadus have helped these students pave the way towards a promising future in the field of visual design.

North Lincoln students achieving Adobe certification

The group comprises of Lorelei Daniel, Jalyn Morton, Ricardo Mejia, William Trenchard, Joseph McCool, Jared Garner, Kaitlyn Billy, Aleiya Resendiz and many more dedicated young individuals. The efforts and commitment of each student have been incredible, pulling off remarkable performances while demonstrating great determination.

This substantial accomplishment demonstrates their extensive knowledge and bold command over Adobe Photoshop, a testament to their rigorous study and dedication throughout the academic year. The journey towards earning their certification was arduous, but the resilience, perseverance, and passion of these students have empowered them to master a broad range of complex software, consequently expanding their skill set.

This certification not only bolsters their professional profiles but also affords them precedence in a competitive job market. With comprehensive knowledge, they can now navigate complex design challenges while earning recognition from industry leaders. This creates a powerful foundation for growth and advancement in the rapidly evolving world of technology and design.

In conclusion, this exemplary drive displayed by these young scholars and the understanding educators like Mrs. Broadus is a testament to their resilience, tenacity, and commitment, and an assurance of the high educational standards maintained at NLHS. Let us all laud the achievement of these Adobe Certified Professionals and anticipate the magnificent future they will carve with their newly acquired skills.

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