13 Best Website Change Detection Tools (HAKAM-2024)

13 Best Website Change Detection Tools (HAKAM-2024) The best options when it comes to tracking and evaluating the backlinks pointing to your website as of 2024 exist several backlink checking software programs.

13 Best Website Change Detection Tools (Hakam-2024)
13 Best Website Change Detection Tools (Hakam-2024)

Backlinks, SEO strategy backlinks, are a vote of confidence from one website to another. Understanding the art of  backlinking is crucial to SEO success  , and this is where free backlink checkers play a pivotal role. But what exactly is it, and why is it important? Let’s dig deeper.

Why use a free backlink checker? In the world of SEO, budget constraints are a real thing, especially for beginners and small businesses. Free backlink checkers are a godsend in these scenarios, providing powerful insights without the high price tag. They provide an accessible way to start understanding your site’s backlink profile.

Features of the Best Free Backlink Checkers

Most free backlink checking tools come with a set of standard features. This includes the ability to view the total number of backlinks, referring domains, and often a peek at the quality of these links. But how do these features benefit your website? Let’s find out.

Evaluate the quality of backlinks

Not all backlinks are created equal. Free backlink checkers often include metrics to help evaluate the quality of your backlinks. These metrics may include domain authority, page authority, and even the context in which your link appears.

How to Use a Free Backlink Checker Effectively

Using these tools effectively requires more than just looking at numbers. It’s about understanding data and using it to make informed decisions. Follow this step-by-step guide to unlock the full potential of these tools.

Limitations of Free Backlink Checkers

Although incredibly useful, free backlink checking tools have their limitations. Understanding what these tools can’t do is just as important as knowing what they can do. Let’s explore these limitations.

There is always a debate between free and paid tools. In this section, we’ll compare the two, helping you understand when it’s time to upgrade.

The world of SEO is always evolving. What does the future hold for backlink analysis tools? This section will give you a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

Expert tips for maximum benefits

Here are some expert tips and strategies to help you make the most of free backlink checking tools. Implement these things, and watch your SEO efforts pay off.

Avoid common risks


It’s easy to make mistakes when using SEO tools. This section highlights common pitfalls and how to avoid them, ensuring you are using your backlink checker effectively.

Using a backlink checker is one thing; Integrating it seamlessly into your overall SEO strategy is another. Here we will discuss practical tips to make these tools useful for you in the long run.

User Reviews and Feedback  What do actual users say about free backlink checking tools? This section delves into comments and reviews from various users, giving you a balanced view.


  1. Google Search Console  : A free tool offered by Google that provides insight into the websites linking to your site, including the number of backlinks and the authority of those links .
  2. Ubersuggest  : This free SEO tool from Neil Patel offers features like backlink analysis, keyword research, and site auditing. It displays detailed backlink profiles and allows you to compare with your competitors .
  3. OpenLinkProfiler  : A free backlink analysis tool that provides insight into the quality and relevance of backlinks to your site. It also provides features for keyword research and competitor analysis .
  4. Linkody  : Linkody focuses on backlink analysis, provides real-time updates of new links and lost backlinks, and also features an unnatural link detection tool .
  5. CognitiveSEO  : Offers a range of SEO tools including a full backlink analysis option. It provides a site explorer to analyze the backlink profile of any site and real-time updates on new links gained .
  6. Check My Links  : This Google Chrome extension is especially useful for identifying broken links on web pages. This can help you find link building opportunities by replacing broken links with your own .
  7. Buzzsumo  : Although primarily a content marketing tool, Buzzsumo also offers backlink checking capabilities. It is very popular for its ability to convert web links into CSV or Excel formats for detailed analysis .
  8. Moz Link Explorer  : Part of the Moz Pro suite, this tool is known for its detailed cookie analysis, including domain authority and link comparisons. It is especially useful for comparing your cookie profile with competitors .
  9. Ahrefs  : A widely respected backlink analysis tool, Ahrefs boasts a large index of live backlinks and advanced analytics, including features like backlink monitoring and competitor analysis .
  10. Majestic SEO Backlink Checker  : Known for its “Trust Flow” feature, Majestic SEO provides detailed backlink data including positional trust flow, referring domains, and new and lost backlinks. ​.
  11. Serpstat  : A comprehensive SEO tool that provides a comprehensive backlink checker, analyzes backlink profiles and identifies low-quality backlinks. It also provides insight into competitors’ backlink strategies .
  12. Screaming Frog  : More than just a backlink checker, it is a web crawler that audits your link profile and helps identify manipulative links. It also provides content marketing and public relations services to enhance link building strategies .
  13. Backlink Monitoring  : This tool integrates data related to traffic, backlink changes, and keyword rankings. It provides detailed reports including trust flow, citation flow, domain authority, and the ability to manage and disavow negative links .

Each of these tools offers unique features and capabilities, so the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution like Ahrefs or Moz, or a free tool like Google Search Console, there’s a backlink checker that can meet your requirements.


  1. Download and Install ScrapeBox  : First, you need to download and install ScrapeBox from its official website.
  2. Prepare a list of URLs  : Before starting the analysis, prepare a list of the URLs you want to analyze. You can get this list from your website hosting platform or use other SEO tools like Google Search Console.
  3. Configure ScrapeBox Settings  : Ensure that ScrapeBox is configured correctly, including setting up any necessary proxies for anonymous scraping and avoiding IP blocking.
  4. Upload URLs for analysis  : Now that you have your list of URLs ready, load them into ScrapeBox. The tool will analyze each link, providing valuable data to evaluate your backlink profile.
  5. Backlink Checker Feature  : Use ScrapeBox’s Backlink Checker feature to collect information about link status, anchor text, source domain metrics, and more. This data provides insight into the health and strength of your backlinks.
  6. Backlink Data Analysis  : Evaluate the quality, relevance, and authority of each backlink using metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).
  7. Identify and address issues  : Look for red flags or irregularities in your backlink profile, such as broken or toxic links, and create a plan to address them.
  8. Regular Monitoring  : Constantly monitor your backlinks to detect any new changes or issues. ScrapeBox offers tracking features to continuously monitor backlinks.
  9. Using Add-ons and Plug-ins  : ScrapeBox offers several add-ons and plug-ins, such as Proxy Harvester, Article Scraper, and Link Checker, to enhance its functionality.
  10. Stay up to date with ScrapeBox  : Regularly update ScrapeBox to its latest version for improved functionality, bug fixes, and new features.


If your backlinks are not showing up in the backlink checker, there could be several reasons for this:

  1. New Backlinks  : If your website’s backlinks are relatively new, they may not have been indexed by search engines yet. Most backlink checking tools rely on search engine data, so if your links aren’t crawled and indexed, they won’t appear in these tools.
  2. Low-quality or spam links  : Some backlinks may come from low-quality or spam websites that are not indexed by search engines. Therefore, these links will not appear in backlink checking tools.
  3. Backlinks from non-indexed pages  : If backlinks to your website are on web pages that search engines have not indexed (due to robots.txt blocking, noindex tags, or other reasons), they will not appear in Backlink Checker Tools.
  4. Limited database of the tool  : Different backlink checking tools have different database sizes and crawling capabilities. If the backlink is not in the database of the tool you are using, it will not appear. That’s why some SEO professionals use multiple backlink checking tools to get a more comprehensive view.
  5. Backlinks removed or lost  : If the website linked to your site removes the link or the page itself is deleted, the backlink will no longer appear in backlink checking tools.
  6. Crawl Delays  : There may be a delay between the time a backlink is created and the time it is detected and indexed by the backlink checker crawler. This can result in a time delay for the backlink to appear in the auditor’s database.
  7. Technical issues with the linking page  : If there are technical issues with the page containing the backlink (such as server errors or incorrect canonical tags), this may affect the ability of backlink auditors to detect and index these links.

To check the presence of your backlinks, you can manually check linking pages or use tools like Google Search Console, which can provide a list of sites linking to your domain. Additionally, for comprehensive analysis and tracking, consider using more than one backlink checking tool.

The “  best” backlink checker can vary   depending on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. However, many tools are often recommended in the SEO community due to their comprehensive features and reliable data.

13 Best Website Change Detection Tools (Hakam-2024)

  1. Ahrefs  : Known for its extensive database of backlinks, Ahrefs is a popular choice among SEO professionals. It provides detailed backlink profiles, the ability to track lost and new backlinks, and insights into competitors’ backlink strategies.
  2. SEMRush  : SEMRush is not just a backlink checking tool; It is a comprehensive SEO toolkit. Its backlink analysis tool provides detailed insights into backlink types (such as text, image, form, or frame), referring domains, and geographic location of backlinks.
  3. Moz Pro’s Link Explorer  : Moz’s Link Explorer offers a wide range of backlink analysis tools, including the ability to compare the backlink profiles of different websites and see which sites are linking to your competitors but not to you.
  4. Majestic SEO  : Majestic offers a detailed view of your website’s backlink profile, focusing on metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow to help evaluate the quality of links.
  5. Google Search Console  : Although not as comprehensive as others, Google Search Console is a free tool that provides data on backlinks as seen by Google. It’s essential to understand how Google views your site’s backlink profile.
  6. Ubersuggest  : Developed by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest offers a range of SEO tools including a backlink checker. It is known to be easy to use and suitable for businesses or individuals who are new to SEO.
  7. Linkody  : This tool specifically focuses on tracking and analyzing backlinks, offering insights into your backlink profile, competitors’ backlinks, and missing links.
  8. CognitiveSEO  : This tool provides detailed backlink analysis and the ability to identify abnormal link patterns, which can be crucial to avoiding penalties.

Each of these tools has its strengths and specific features. The best option for you will depend on factors such as the size of your website, your SEO goals, and your budget.

 For example, Ahrefs and SEMRush are great for in-depth analysis but come at a higher cost, while Google Search Console is free but offers limited data. It is often recommended to use a combination of these tools to perform a more comprehensive backlink analysis.


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In conclusion,  free backlink checkers are  invaluable tools in your SEO toolkit. Although it has its limitations, its benefits cannot be overstated for anyone looking to boost their website’s SEO.

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