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Why doesn’t Google AdSense accept ads on my blog?


Why doesn’t Google AdSense accept ads on my blog? ways and methods to be accepted into the Google AdSense site with ease, by following some of the tips available here.

Why Doesn'T Google Adsense Accept Ads On My Blog?
Why Doesn’T Google Adsense Accept Ads On My Blog?


Google AdSense requirements

Google AdSense is a great advertising company that offers the best rates in the market. But in order for Google AdSense to accept ads on your blog, there are some requirements that must be met.

  • It is preferable to have your own domain, but not a requirement.
  • The content you provide must be exclusive and not duplicated from other sites.
  • You should make sure that the images you use are not copyrighted.

Avoid duplicate content

One common problem is duplicate content on blogs. Some people may take content from famous sites and attribute it to themselves, and this is considered a violation of the terms of Google AdSense. So, it is better to use tools to check the similarity between your content and the content of other sites.

Edit Pictures

Why Doesn'T Google Adsense Accept Ads On My Blog?

If you use images that are not copyrighted, there may be other people using the same image. So modify the images in simple ways, such as changing the orientation, or making some adjustments to them to make them special and exclusive.

With these simple methods, you can improve the chances of accepting an advertisement request on your blog from Google AdSense. Provide exclusive content, ensure there is no duplicate content, and be sure to use copyright-free images. Don’t forget to develop your writing skills and provide unique content to attract visitors.

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