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The professional and real way to get acceptance From Google AdSense 2024

The professional and real way to get acceptance from Google AdSense 2024 Today we will talk about the best way to get acceptance from Google AdSense, which is considered the correct and real way to get quick acceptance within 24 hours only. 

The Professional And Real Way To Get Acceptance From Google Adsense 2024
The Professional And Real Way To Get Acceptance From Google Adsense 2024


The method depends only on your obtaining or writing exclusive articles.

The advantage of this method is that you get exclusive articles from your personal writing, because today Google relies on hand-written articles only.

Features of quick acceptance in Google AdSense:

  1. Writing an exclusive article of more than 500 words
  2. The article must contain at least three images
  3. The article must be attractive and attractive to the visitor so that you have a specific target
  4. The website design should be very attractive
  5. Install WordPress CU plugins, archiving plugins, RankMath, or any plugin that prepares the site for archiving.

Google AdSense account requirements always depend on some correct principles and methods for acceptance in order for your site to be accepted

In other words, a professional WordPress template is installed, an archiving plugin is installed, the site is fully configured, and then more than three sections are placed. Each section in this blog contains five articles. Each article contains 500 words. There is also a privacy policy page, contact us, and who we are. In this way, you will You will receive your acceptance results within just 24 hours

The Professional And Real Way To Get Acceptance From Google Adsense 2024

Acceptance always depends only on exclusive articles. There are many secrets and methods that have been published to obtain acceptance, but with the new development in Google AdSense in 2024, the matter has become difficult, so the best way to obtain acceptance is to write exclusive articles only.

From my personal experience, I created a blog that included articles from my personal writing. I wrote a minimum of 15 articles, each article 500 words long, and every five articles in a section. 

You Can Easily Top Google Search Results In 2024


In the beginning, I presented the site to the webmasters. It received a decent number of visits, and I also received acceptance within a short period of time, which was 24. An hour or 48 hours maximum. The required feature in Google AdSense is that you only get exclusive articles.

I am HAKAM web developer. From here you will get a lot of valuable information for free and a call for updates to WordPress and Blogger so that your sites are accepted in Google AdSense and also proper mastery of SEO and the best for the easiest.

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