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The Best Way Exclusively To Get Google AdSense acceptance and lead ADX results

The best way exclusively to obtain acceptance from Google AdSense and produce ADX results. The idea of ​​profiting from Google AdSense

The Best Way Exclusively To Get Google Adsense Acceptance And Lead Adx Results
The Best Way Exclusively To Get Google Adsense Acceptance And Lead Adx Results

or the Internet in general is one of the very profitable ideas and projects, but with the development of the field of the Internet, it has become a very complicated matter for people. 

But today I will quickly explain the idea and the matter to make a profit from the Internet, especially Google AdSense 

First, to obtain a Google AdSense account, the following must be present: 

  1. Your own Gmail account 
  2. Website domain 
  3. This is the most important idea to get good results 
  4. Creativity and continuity in what you do 

After providing a beautiful account, we log in to the AdSense account here and create an account in the usual ways! 


After subscribing to Google AdSense and obtaining an account in this way, you can benefit and start creating your own website 

But now we come to the most difficult stages, which are the stages of accepting your site in Google AdSense and relying on that? 

Ways to get accepted into Google AdSense:

  1. Either through your own script or game or application script 
  2. Either through blogging and articles 
  3. Either by purchasing a service from a famous site such as Fiverr, Fiverr, or a site that sells services 
  4. Or by purchasing a website + a full account from a trusted person and working hard on it 


After you get acceptance from Google AdSense with methods and ideas, we can then start making a profit, but here we will rely on a specific and magical method in choosing the niche , which is the most important.

The best way to choose a specific niche that will be at the top of Google search results: 

  1. Choose which cookies and definition to link 
  2. Providing services to people 
  3. Natch programs and games 
  4. We list matches and series, which is the most visited 

All of this depends on your idea, specialization, and ambition, or the idea and the matter depends on your ambition, but I have a different point of view that can be read carefully.

I have been an online blogger for more than 14 years, and I have many AdSense accounts, and I have created more than 100 websites, but based on my personal experience, I recommend it to everyone, and it is! 

  1. In the beginning, you have to build a true, correct idea 
  2. Build your own website and make sure this website is a project that brings you good traffic 
  3. There should be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all pages for your own website 
  4. Try to publish four or five articles daily on a daily basis 
  5. To continue publishing because it depends on archiving articles, and the more exclusive the article is, the more visits you will get from Google 
  6. You should choose a cooking or animal niche in the beginning to get acceptance from Google AdSense, and after that, convert the work to a special niche that will bring you many visits. 


There are many ideas that we can share together, but share the ideas and projects here and you can benefit from them and get the best results.

I am HAKAM web developer. From here you will get a lot of valuable information for free and a call for updates to WordPress and Blogger so that your sites are accepted in Google AdSense and also proper mastery of SEO and the best for the easiest.

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