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How To Restore Old Family Photos With Ai-powered Wondershare Repairit

How To Restore Old Family Photos With Ai-powered Wondershare Repairit photos is the best way to preserve your special and unforgettable moments forever. Flipping through the pages of an old family photo album takes you down memory lane. Over time, non-digital images have taken the digital path but the feelings, emotions and memories associated with them remain the same.

How To Restore Old Family Photos With Ai-Powered Wondershare Repairit
How To Restore Old Family Photos With Ai-Powered Wondershare Repairit


In the old days, non-digital photos were physically saved in albums, and over time scratches, fading and other distortions became inevitable. Even with the latest digital photos, there are many situations such as virus attacks, software issues, inappropriate lighting conditions, and more that may result in distorted and poor quality photos.

So, if you also have old family photos that are distorted in one or more ways, don’t worry as there are professional recovery tools that can help in recovering your photos. In this article, we will take you through an excellent software called Wondershare Repiarit which can not only repair and recover photos but can also repair many other files like video, audio, and other files.

The power of Wondershare Repairit

Many file repair tools make tall claims, but when tested fail to perform and have steep learning curves. Wondershare Repairit here proves to be the best choice for all types of file repairs as the software not only offers great features but is also easy to use. The AI ​​tool can be used on Windows as well as Mac systems to magically repair your corrupted files. Images in all major formats can be processed as well without any restrictions on the number or size of images.

Main features of the program

    • Video Repair: Damaged and severely damaged videos can be repaired to improve overall video quality. About 18 major formats are supported and corrupted videos can be taken care of in multiple scenarios such as shooting, editing, transferring, converting, processing, etc. in just a few simple steps. For severely damaged files, Advanced Video Repair can be used. Batch video repair and preview options are also supported.
    • Photo Recovery: The software’s excellent AI-powered features make it easy  to automatically restore  old photos by automatically removing stains, scratches, dust, sepia, tears and other issues. Images can be recovered in JPG, JPEG, WebP, and many other formats. High-quality results can be seen in photos, thanks to features like AI Auto Repair, face enhancement, photo colorization, and more.
  • File Repair: All types of important office document files like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, ZIP, Adobe, etc. can be repaired using the software. Multiple issues related to files not opening, file layout changes, malformed files, unreadable files, and more can be taken care of.
  • Audio Repair: Give new life to your damaged audio files by repairing them with this Wondershare software. Audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, m4a, etc. are supported. Take care of your audio files issues like audio clipping, humming sound, rumbling sound, whistling sound, and more.

Benefits of using artificial intelligence in the restoration process

Using AI-based tools to restore your memorable photos offers multiple benefits. Check out some of these as listed below.

    • Improve and enhance the quality of damaged files: The AI ​​tool works great while restoring old photos as it helps in correcting issues like scratches, stains, and smudges making the photos clear. The overall image quality can be improved using advanced algorithms of these tools that help in sharpening the blurry parts of the image and improving the colours.
    • AI Photo Colorization: Add life and color to your old black and white photos with AI-based tools. Using the tool, perfect colors can be added with multiple coloring options to choose from.
  • AI Image Upscaling: Perfectly upscale your images with AI-based tools that can increase size as well as resolution without making them look stretched or compromising on visual quality.

To enjoy all the above benefits and more, Wondershare Repairit works as the best tool. This is an online tool that has a powerful AI algorithm to handle all the old photo issues.

Restore old photos

The collection of old photos is a rare treasure that takes you back to ancient times. Over time, these photos get damaged and damaged, hence, restoring them becomes necessary and important to ensure that you can relive and preserve these moments in the future.

There are many issues that you may face with old photos and some of these common issues are mentioned below.

  • Scratches on the pictures and parts of the picture are missing
  • Missing and dull colours
  • Noise and wrinkles on images
  • Black and white photos
  • The color appearing on the photos was caused by a chemical reaction with the paper

Guide to use Wondershare Repairit to recover old photos

Step 1: Download, install and launch the program on your system, and on the main interface, click on the Photo Repair option.

Step 2: Next, browse and download the photo you wish to recover.

Step 3: The program will start processing your images and after that you can preview and save the results.


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Restoring your old photos ensures that your special moments are saved forever. Relying on any recovery tool in the market will not be a good decision because not all of them are effective and easy to use. Here, one of the tools we highly recommend is Wondershare Repairit, which has over 20 years of experience in data recovery and manipulation. 


The tool’s powerful AI algorithm ensures that your photos are restored in the best quality and its user-friendly interface makes the entire task easy for all types of users. So, quickly download the software and watch the magical photo restoration and conversion process.

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