Unleash The Power Of Google’s New Gemini App On Smartphones

Unleash The Power Of Google’s New Gemini App On Smartphones announced today the launch of its new application, “Gemini”, dedicated to smartphones and based on generative artificial intelligence technology. The application also includes an advanced interface called “Ultra 1.0”,

Unleash The Power Of Google'S New Gemini App On Smartphones
Unleash The Power Of Google’S New Gemini App On Smartphones

 The application can be downloaded on the Android system, in addition to being available through the Google application on the iOS system for Apple devices, and according to the statement issued by the company, this new application is considered an important step towards designing a real artificial intelligence assistant.

Google launches the Gemini application: the smart solution for creative assistance and interaction

Google announced the launch of the new Gemini application, which is based on generative artificial intelligence technology, allowing users interactive experiences and effective assistance. Users can now take a photo of a problem such as a punctured car tire and ask Gemini to guide them on how to fix it. In addition, users can create comments. On the photos they take using the app.

The Gemini application comes with a wide range of Google Assistant voice functions, such as making calls and controlling smart devices.

The Gemini app is available starting today in the United States, and is expected to become available in more countries in the coming weeks, in English, Japanese, and Korean.

In the same context, the subsidiary of the Alphabet Group launched the Gemini Advanced option, which provides users with access to the most advanced Ultra 1.0 version of its language model. Subscribers to the Gemini Advanced program can subscribe in 150 countries at a monthly subscription cost of $19.99 in the United States. United.


The evolution of the competition between Google and Microsoft in the field of artificial intelligence: Gemini Advanced vs. Copilot


The Duet AI feature in Google’s Gemini Advanced app included generative AI technology, which was primarily used to write or rewrite emails, documents, and spreadsheets.

By making this technology available in its programs such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet, Google seeks to excel in the field of artificial intelligence and compete effectively with Microsoft, which offers the “Copilot” program as an assistant in using its programs such as Outlook, Word, and Teams.

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In contrast, Microsoft introduced a new, more comfortable version of “Copilot” on Wednesday, which enhances the competition between the two companies in the race for development and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

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