The Explosive Beginnings Of The Russian Telegram Program Conquering Social Media Platforms

Have you ever felt worried that a messaging program, such as Viber or WhatsApp, might be spying on you? Or that someone, somewhere might have access to your private conversations? So Telegram is the ideal chat program for you, but why?

The Explosive Beginnings Of The Russian Telegram Program Conquering Social Media Platforms
The Explosive Beginnings Of The Russian Telegram Program Conquering Social Media Platforms

The Telegram application relies on two basic features that drew attention to it and made the world believe that it is the messaging platform that will pull the rug from under the feet of WhatsApp, especially after Facebook took over it and the reluctance of some people to use it due to their reluctance to leave Facebook because of the privacy problem.

The two characteristics are:

1- The encryption feature: The Telegram application works with an encrypted system, which means that the messages exchanged are transmitted on the Internet and on the company’s servers through incomprehensible codes, and they can only be read by the two people communicating.

 The encryption includes messages, images exchanged, and location information. It is noteworthy that the company that produces the Telegram program has announced a reward of $200,000 for anyone who can decrypt it. However, some Russian engineers were able to find some loopholes, although they were of little importance, but the company paid them $100,000. And she patched it.

2- Message destruction feature: With this feature, there will be no trace of the messages after they are sent completely and permanently.

Thus, the Telegram application relied on privacy, protecting it, and providing it, in contrast to what was said about WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is also encrypted, its encryption is very weak when compared to Telegram, and some still believe that institutions such as Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp are only part of From the American information weapon system!

In the context of talking about weapons and war, many followers of technology news believe that there is an undeclared war between America and Russia in the field of software and websites, with the entry of the Engine Certainly, Russia has proven its progress in the field of software and the Internet.

Google Search
Google Search


It is worth noting that the founders of Telegram are two Russian engineers, brothers, and they are also the owners of the famous site VContact, or Russian Facebook. What is strange is that the site pursues policies that oppose the security authorities in Russia and those

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 His most prominent position is his refusal to close the groups that were launched during the Russian demonstrations several years ago, despite the security authorities’ request to do so. Perhaps this explains the designers’ great focus on the point of encryption and hiding the messages exchanged from the security or intelligence services or even the company that produced the program itself!

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