Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings

Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings these problems are bothering you, then you are in the right place to completely change your career and make it successful.

Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings
Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings

In this article, I will present to you the secrets of profiting from AdSense on your blog and  how to ensure that it accepts your site with ease and achieve a distinctive monthly profit from it, so that your monthly profits become very respectable.

Archive your site: 

The way to profit from AdSense must include search engines archiving your articles and increasing the number of regular visitors to your site. Here I offer you valuable tips to make your content distinctive and unique and ensure that your articles are easily archived:

-Focus on writing a coordinated and organized blog post.

-Write for your readers, not for the Google search engine, and pay attention to the topics that your target audience is frequently accused of.

-Google loves textual content, as well as images and videos, so it is recommended to include these means in your blog posts so that your article is complete and comprehensive.

– Take care to make your site responsive to various electronic devices and focus a lot on making your site fast, as the search engine Google hates slow sites. Choose good hosting and a light and responsive template for your site. These are all very important things in improving your site to become friendly to search engines and appear at the top of search results  .


*Content is king: 

Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings
Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings

 The most important step that you must focus on is writing distinctive, exclusive, and professional content away from copying, pasting, and quoting from other sites. Make your content unique and enrich your site with comprehensive topics for the publisher you are working on. I also advise you to write topics that are free of spelling and grammatical errors and do not make Your topics are short because AdSense has begun to prefer topics that are long enough and rich with information.


*Do not apply for AdSense before your site has a sufficient number of valuable articles, for example at least twenty valuable articles.


*Do not make your site cluttered:

 In order for your site to be accepted by AdSense, it is very important that your site or blog be elegantly designed, organized, fast loading, easy to browse,   avoid chaos in displaying images, and arrange the articles attached to the main menus of the blog.

*Be careful of the type of content, as it may cause you to be rejected from AdSense: 

Do not provide pornographic or pirated content, do not promote drugs or illegal tools, and do not publish violent or racist content or any other illegal matters. This will definitely make your blog rejected by AdSense.


*Get a domain for your blog: 

 Blogs that have a private domain have a higher AdSense acceptance rate than sites that have a free domain. 

Make sure   your visitors are legitimate: *

Avoid getting fake visits or paid visits because AdSense abhors these illegal means of attracting visitors. Rather, rely on regular visits from search engines and publish your blog widely on social media and forums   . 

Create a Contact Us page, an About Us page, and a Privacy Policy page for your blog, and attach your name and email to it to gain AdSense’s trust on the one hand and make it easier for them to contact you with ease. 

*Get rid of unwanted ads  :

 These sites make the visitor quickly flee from your site. These advertisements include specific categories such as advertisements for gambling club games, sexual advertisements, dating, secret rituals, and reproductive health. Delete them completely from your site.

*Get rid of coupons:

 Coupons are free ads or very cheap click-through ads that make your site full of them and the profit is very weak, so erase them and replace them with profitable ads.

*Patience, then patience, then patience:

 Being patient and determined, continuing to work and working hard to develop your site are among the most important secrets of profiting from AdSense    .

* Marketing your blog on the largest scale:

Marketing your blog is very, very important and doubles your profits in an insane way.  Publish your site everywhere, on all kinds of social networking sites and large Arab forums with   continuous interaction.

 The most important thing is to publish your blog using paid advertisements, which makes it reach the category you are targeting completely, thus increasing the visits of those interested to your site, and thus increasing your profits.


*The utmost importance of ad placements:

 One of the keys that has completely changed the game that will make you double your   AdSense profits significantly is your focus on placing ads in the most appropriate place,   as website experts advise placing AdSense ads in the visible part of the site and around the content, especially in the place that appears frequently while the visitor is browsing the site and in In the middle of the article, it ensures that it appears for a longer period of time and is clear to the visitor.

To discover for yourself the most appropriate place to place your ads, try it on different places on your site and notice the number of clicks you get until you reach the best option for you in placing ads. 

*Choose the appropriate format for your ads  : 

Ad formats are very important to you, and you must choose formats that are comfortable and not full of large and bulky texts,  so that they are easy to read and available for the visitor to understand in moments.

*For the millionth time   , focus on creating professional content:

 AdSense publishes targeted ads for the content of your site, so put your utmost focus on providing distinctive and exclusive content, and the most important thing is that it be professional and admire and interest your audience, and always try to   outshine your competitors with your exclusive, interesting and innovative articles to be number one in the field in which you write.

I am HAKAM web developer. From here you will get a lot of valuable information for free and a call for updates to WordPress and Blogger so that your sites are accepted in Google AdSense and also proper mastery of SEO and the best for the easiest.

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