The Zilliqa network has recently experienced several operational disruptions, impacting production

The Zilliqa network has recently experienced several operational disruptions, impacting block production on its mainnet. However, as of May 10, network functionality has been fully restored, although the cause is still under investigation.

Zilliqa notified the community that the network is now online after “temporary disruptions to prevent production on the main network.” As network functionality is restored, the infrastructure team continues to “monitor network stability as it works to diagnose the underlying cause of the recent disruptions.”

source: nectarine

Since the initial signs of disruption appeared on May 8, when a slowdown in block generation was identified, the Zilliqa network technical team has remained active for approximately 48 hours, with the aim of preventing further disruptions.

On May 9, at approximately 9:30 AM UTC, the Zilliqa technical team Discover A bug resulted in a null value being returned “instead of the node’s RLP after a possible invalid database lookup.”

“The team has created internal training nets to recreate this issue and beta bug fixes, allowing potential solutions to be tested within an isolated environment before progressing to Testnet and mainnet deployments.”

By 2:30 PM UTC on May 9, the team had restored full functionality through the fix, along with the release of the Zilliqa network upgrade version 9.3.4. the team male The upgrade will include “a number of improvements to EVM compatibility” and apologized for the inconvenience caused to users and the Zilliqa community.

However, despite rolling out the fix and upgrade, another production blocking outage occurred in the Zilliqa mainnet again on May 9 around 7:05 PM UTC. At this point, the team enhanced debugging processes to better diagnose the issue and address the root cause of the disruption.

This is not the first time that the production of the Zilliqa block has been disrupted due to technical problems. In December 2023, a “production blockage outage” caused daily Zilliqa blockchain transactions to drop by approximately 50%, from approximately 61,000 to 30,906.

The Zilliqa team continues to investigate the underlying cause of the recent network outage and thanked the community for their “patience and support while we resolve” the issue.

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