Nvidia-backed AI startup launches digital characters

Nvidia-backed AI startup launches digital characters, an artificial intelligence startup backed by Nvidia, announced the launch of a new upgrade that enables artificial intelligence-based digital characters to show emotions and mimic human movements.

Nvidia-Backed Ai Startup Launches Digital Characters
Nvidia-Backed Ai Startup Launches Digital Characters

On April 25, the company unveiled its “digital personas,” which were developed to display emotions based on textual instructions given during presentations, marketing sessions, and corporate training.


Although generative AI is often praised for its ability to create realistic animations, as is the case with  OpenAI’s SORA video generator , AI is not without its drawbacks, especially when photographing humans, who often  appear with hands or Distorted limbs  or lips that are out of sync with speech.

Therefore, Synthesia is trying to get rid of this problem in its latest version, which was developed with the help of real humans reading texts in the company’s studio, to help robots track lips and be more accurate in their emotional expressions.

Commenting on the event, Victor Riparbelli, CEO and co-founder of Synthesia, said in  a video : “The missing piece of the puzzle is the inability of digital characters to understand what you are saying, which has previously led to poor facial response to emotions.”

He added: “In the studio, the robots were trained to respond to simple sentences, such as I am happy or I am sad and I feel frustrated, by conveying the correct facial expressions and tone associated with the said emotion.”

The new digital characters are available in more than 130 languages, can provide their own comments, and even reproduce users’ voices.

However, of the character models available on the Synthesia website that speak languages ​​other than English such as French, German and Spanish, the English model is the most advanced and human-like, based on Cointelegraph’s testing of the models.

The startup is said to have at least half of the Fortune 100 companies as clients, and serves more than 55,000 companies. This includes leaders in various industries, such as Zoom, Xerox, Microsoft, Reuters, and other companies.

Synthesia, based in the United Kingdom, was founded in 2017. In the wake of last year’s AI boom, the company’s valuation has reached nearly $1 billion, with major backers such as Nvidia — which currently dominates the development of semi-automated chips. AI connectors.

Due to its discretionary approach—creating human-like digital avatars for commercial use—Synthesia has gained popularity and is fiercely competitive from other leading chatbots, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

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