Canadian police charge “crypto king” and social media personality, Eden

Canadian police are charging “cryptocurrency kingpin” and social media personality, Eden Bletterski, with fraud over C$5,000 ($3,666) and money laundering after a lengthy investigation. Police and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced that his partner Colin Murphy was also charged with fraud.

Blitrski was arrested on May 14 and released the same day on C$100,000 bail provided by his parents. Colin Murphy faces charges for soliciting investments and falsely claiming to have “large weekly profits through smart investments”. Murphy was released on a promise to appear in court.

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Fraud of amounts exceeding $5,000 CAD is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Durham Regional Police Service and OSC declined to reveal financial details behind the charges at a news conference on May 16, citing a publication ban, but said his fraudulent activities may have continued until February 2024.

Pleterski (third from left) in Los Angeles, Halloween 2023. Source: Aiden Pleterski/Instagram

Police began their investigation into Bleterski and his company, AP Private Equity, in July 2022 after numerous complaints. Durham Police Chief Peter Moreira was quoted in the press as saying:

“This investigation was extremely thorough, with more than 40 court orders requested and careful analysis of financial documents taking more than 18 months.”

One of the investors had filed a lawsuit against them for fraud three months ago. Pleterski and his company were declared bankrupt in August of that year, and the bankruptcy trustee found that Pleterski had raised C$41.5 million and invested 1.6% of that amount. He spent C$15.9 million on personal perks, including a Lamborghini, two McLarens, two BMWs, and renting a mansion and private jets.

Canadian Police Charge “Crypto King” And Social Media Personality, Eden
source: Danny Dub

Blitrski continued to live a jet-setting lifestyle despite his bankruptcy and the regent’s requests to imprison him. He claimed he was kidnapped and tortured by an investor and his accomplices in December 2022, leading to the arrest of five by police in Toronto in July 2023.

Canadian Police Charge “Crypto King” And Social Media Personality, Eden
source: Retweet NBA

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