Surely you are looking to promote your products in

Certainly, if you are looking to promote your products on social media platforms, you must pay attention to using promotional mockups that highlight the beauty of your products in the eyes of the target audience, which enhances the chances of increasing visits to your store or website and thus achieving more sales and profit from the Internet, but let us first get to know it. ,:

What does Mockup mean?

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

A mockup is a template or mockup, it is a visual representation or model of a design, product or concept. It is a rough draft or initial version of the final product that provides a clear idea of ​​how the final product will look and function.

Mocap mockups are a great way to quickly showcase your product or idea. They can be used as a proxy for real-world use cases, to get design feedback, or to test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

This mockup mockup is an easy way to show off your designs. It’s an image to which you can add text and logos. This is excellent for social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You’ll be able to showcase your designs and get some engagement while increasing awareness of your brand.

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What is the importance of using mocap in promotion and electronic marketing?

1-Mocap makes your designs look more attractive.

Many people hesitate to order clothes online because there is no real way they can see what the product looks like in person. Mocap can solve this problem. It allows people to see exactly what a product will look like before they buy it. This gives them the confidence to buy from you and leads to more sales overall.

2- Using mockup enables you to give your brand a professional appearance.

Mocap is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve the visual appearance of their brand. Businesses can easily showcase their products or services in a realistic and attractive way. This not only gives potential customers a better understanding of the brand, but also creates a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

3- Mockups allow you to display your designs in different colors and styles.

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want
Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

This t-shirt mockup gives you an easy way to show off your designs. It allows you to see how the design will look on different t-shirts and helps you choose the right color and style for the final product, thus, someone can like your design on a black t-shirt and not like it on a blue one and so on.

4- Mocap can help you stand out among others for social media marketing.

It is essential to find ways to stand out from your competitors. One effective way to do this is to use mockups to display your products or services in a professional and visually appealing way, giving potential customers a clear idea of ​​what they can expect. Not only does this help build trust and credibility, but it also sets you apart from competitors who may rely solely on text descriptions, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

5- Improving emotional connection and interaction with the audience

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

Showing the product as it actually looks or what it will look like with customer use on a particular occasion or situation. Mocap plays a major role in the emotional impact of your customers.

For example, imagine with me if your design was about a specific occasion such as Christmas, Halloween, or a specific event such as birthdays, graduations, or even a specific age such as grandparenting, such as children or adults, or a specific sport such as yoga, soccer, softball. Or specific situations such as pregnancy or a specific race.

Here, it is better for you to use a Mockup suitable for this design, and here you can correctly convey the message of your design to your audience and motivate and convince them more to visit your store and buy your products.

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What are the different types of mockups in electronic marketing?

Choosing the appropriate mockup involves several factors so that your design or product appears realistic, attractive and influential, and thus increases the success rate of your advertising and promotional campaign very significantly. You can learn about these most commonly used types of mockups and they are as follows:

Situational Mockups

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

The first is what we call a situational mockup. Basically, it’s all about showing your product in action or in the right environment.

Let’s say you’ve written a book and want to promote it on social media. Well, using a situation mocap, you can have someone reading your book in the image. Or let’s say you have this cool mug you want to promote. You can make someone drink from it in the mocap. And if you have an app or website you want to promote, you can mock it up and have someone browse it.

So, the idea is to capture the essence of your product in a real-life situation. This is what we mean by the situational model or the same situation.

Mockups Scene The mockup of the scene

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

So, there’s another type called scene. Basically, it’s like an image containing a bunch of stuff, like a shirt, belt, sunglasses, pants, shoes, you name it. And imagine what? Your item or product is one of those great pieces that goes well with the rest. It’s a very convincing way to get your customers to buy your awesome T-shirt or mug.

Mockup without Model

12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

So, there’s this third type of model that’s very popular. It serves as a mockup of your design, but it doesn’t use any models or people. It’s just a regular mockup of your product, for example, imagine your mug sitting on a table or a t-shirt relaxing on a chair or hanging somewhere. It’s a way to showcase your product without needing a person to present it.

Free websites to create mockups to promote different products


12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

On this wonderful site where you can create a very beautiful mockup of T-shirts and hoodies for free! And you don’t even have to register. Simply head to the home page and click the green “Get Started Free” button. No registration required

And there’s more! They have a huge collection of mocaps that you can even change the color of as you wish that you can use without spending a single dime. These mockups are perfect for displaying your designs in a professional and eye-catching way on social media.


12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

A very wonderful and free site to obtain an excellent mockup of many products such as books, decoration, T-shirts and much more. Only without registration can you upload your design and choose the section you want. You will be impressed by the quality of your design on various forms of the mockup in a matter of seconds, with full availability to change the color of the T-shirt. Or the product or design size as you want!


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

So, you know Printful? It is a beautiful platform where you can upload your designs and print them on demand. Additionally, Printful connects you with this amazing tool to create eye-catching mockups and show off your designs on social media.


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

One of the largest platforms on the Internet to obtain a professional mockup of any product that comes to mind, whether in the form of a photo or a video!
Of course, the Placeit website provides you with many sections according to the type of product you want to promote, in addition to sections according to occasions and holidays so that the shape of the mockup matches the design you want to promote, such as a special section for Halloween, water sports, pregnant women, children, etc.

Although the subscription to the Placeit website is paid for free use of any mockup you want,
But you will find a good collection of completely free mockups.


12 Free Websites To Create A Mockup Of Any Product You Want

A giant site that includes thousands of excellent mockups for promoting your products, especially in the clothing section, and indeed it offers a huge collection of excellent free mockups, but until mid-2024 the site will be completely closed and it will become a tool that you can use its wonderful content in an application within the Canva website called smartmockup.


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

A wonderful, free platform that offers hundreds of mockups for various products such as T-shirts, paintings, posters, etc. The nice thing is that you can upload your design or image and apply it to dozens of mockups in different shapes at once!
What’s even better is that you can download all of these mockups as you wish, individually, one by one, or all together with the click of a button!


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

It appears from the name of the site that it specializes in providing a free mockup to promote the mobile phone interface of various types, whether on Android or iPhone.
Therefore, you can use it for free to promote an application or website by displaying it perfectly on the mobile phone screen.


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

This beautiful site is distinguished by providing a wonderful package of mockups for various electronic devices such as the phone or laptop to promote websites or applications in an attractive way, in addition to placing the mockup itself in the form of a post ready to be promoted directly on social media platforms in their various platforms, with complete freedom to add and change text. As you wish .


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

A distinctive site for promoting sites and displaying them on various screens by users, such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, in one image, which creates a beautiful vision for the viewer to see the interface of the site on the various devices he uses.

All you have to do is insert the website link (the home page of the website) and then the website will be viewed through different devices in an attractive and promotional manner.


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

If you are wondering about an alternative site to the Canva site regarding the production of excellent posts for social media platforms, then the glorify site is the excellent answer to that, because you will find very solid templates for creating various posts and small images in a fabulous way, and not only that, but you will also find a special section for creating a wonderful mockup for any A product you want in a very excellent way and in simple steps.


Surely You Are Looking To Promote Your Products In

A platform rich in definition for anyone who sits in front of the Internet to work on it and make money through it. The Canva website is a very integrated website in terms of sections, templates, and huge content of photos, graphics, videos, etc., in addition to the number of applications and websites linked to it, which makes everything available to the user. In one place without leaving the site!

Speaking of mockup, you can actually get a beautiful mockup of your product on the Canva website through three different methods:

1- By searching for pre-prepared templates for the product for which you want to obtain a mockup, such as wall art mockups.
2 – Upload your design or photo, choose edit photo, then choose to create a mockup and place the design on various products such as posters, devices, T-shirts, and so on.
3- Use the smartmockups application and website through the apps option and use the smartmockups website to produce a high-quality and fantastic mockup.

last word

Thus, you have learned about the best platforms available to obtain professional mockups without the need to download any psd templates.
To create wonderful mockups of products in order to increase sales and the success of your promotional and advertising campaigns on social media platforms.


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