Strategic change for SEO in 2024

Strategic change for SEO in 2024 is about to make a change that will make traditional search engine optimization completely useless. This change could have a catastrophic impact on your business’s ability to be visible, attract customers, and make money. If you are not prepared for this, you will miss out on a competitor who is preparing to shift. But do not worry, in this The video I will show you

Strategic Change For Seo In 2024
Strategic Change For Seo In 2024


 Why traditional SEO is a complete waste of time in 2024, the new strategy that replaces it, and the easy way you can start towards getting huge results that SEO cannot provide, but to understand the new opportunity that is on its way towards us, we must look… To the big problem that SEO has always been facing.

The problem with traditional SEO

When I started my web design agency in 2012, SEO was a little easier, I was able to create a relatively simple website for my business without needing many blog articles or anything like that, and because it was easy to communicate with blog owners And to convince them to let me write a guest article for them, we were getting links to my site and I was able to get to number one on Google for the search term “website design in Los Angeles” – mission accomplished, right?

Well, not so fast, most companies treat ranking #1 on Google as a goal in itself, but it’s only really useful when it leads to increased sales, right? So, when clients found my site on Google, they would schedule a consulting call, but when I was on those calls, I was still a stranger to those people, and I was having to sell myself to get their business, and as a web designer rather than a salesman,

 I lost a lot of those jobs. Compared to what I won, I will show you later how I solved my sales problem, but the point here is that SEO only solved half the problem, and as time went by, more companies started flooding the Internet with a lot of SEO content, and it became difficult to get On links to your site and this whole process has become dramatically more intensive.

SEO challenges in 2024


Coming to 2024, new challenges emerge in SEO, namely problems related to artificial intelligence. It’s a powerful new gardening tool that’s meant to make our work easier, but it’s also unintentionally taking away some good plants, and it’s these unintended repercussions that really shake things up, so before we discuss how to overcome that, let’s go over the three main reasons why SEO performance is bad because… Artificial intelligence for small businesses.

The main reasons for poor SEO performance

1. Answers based on artificial intelligence

Those helpful articles that tell you to write content for SEO and that are meant to answer people’s questions, well, Smart Review will answer those questions for you. People are already starting to head straight to Smart Review to get quick answers to their questions instead of searching… 

Google, in response, is now launching its own AI search feature, which will answer people’s questions itself. Imagine searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and getting an AI-generated answer plus some clarifying questions to narrow down your search. This feature will be available to everyone and will answer all major research in mid-2024.

2. Increase the amount of content

It’s become very easy for everyone to create SEO content in bulk, which means everyone is doing it at a faster pace, crowding the Internet with content like never before. Just like everyone has the same megaphone and everyone is shouting at the same time, if you want to stand out… You must shout louder than your competitors.

3. Difficulty in obtaining external links

If you don’t know what external links are, they mean links from other websites to your site, and they are very important to get a high site ranking in Google. Just as artificial intelligence makes it easy for everyone to write articles for their own blogs, the same applies to writing articles. To put it on other people’s blogs, which has been a very common thing to get external links in the past, you can ask a blog saying “Can I write a 

Something for you in exchange for putting a link to your site in the writer’s bio,” and many blogs would agree with that, meaning SEO wins for you, but now with so many people using AI and trying to do the same thing, it’s very difficult to get Answer from anyone, it doesn’t matter if someone responds to you or agrees, you will waste more time trying to find one opportunity to get an external link which will take you much more time than writing 20 articles. Although external links still Necessary to rank highly on Google, obtaining them has become much more difficult than it was before.

What is the new SEO strategy?

There are a lot of people who will be shocked by what I have to say next, and some of them may be afraid to even approach it, and this is exactly why those of you who benefit from big results will be riding the waves. You are ready to do what others are not, so this transformation is simple, stop… Trying to find your site in Google and go to the biggest search engine instead, I mean YouTube, yes YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, but it is much more than that, remember my problem I had in sales, it was solved when I got involved in YouTube, I started to Having two completely different types of sales calls,

 Those with prospects who found me via Google and we already know how those calls went, and those who found me via YouTube, and it may be an understatement to say that these calls were easier, they were more relaxed, they took me more seriously and most of them were already sold on me, Even before the call actually starts. In other words, video accelerated the “know, like and trust” factor as much as anything else in the world, to the point that eventually, as I grew on YouTube, people were literally paying for my services on my website without ever having to talk to them to begin with, This is not just the case for me, but Think Media conducted a study that found that 42% of people said they would rather work with someone on YouTube than someone who is not.

Why is YouTube so much better than Google at SEO?

1. The humanity of the video

People want to watch videos made by real people with real personalities and experiences, and although we talk about artificial intelligence, it is not making a big impact in video search like it is doing on Google. Sure, AI companies are trying to create videos that look just like a human, but they’re not there yet. In addition, YouTube plans to make it clear that when a video is created using AI, it will require special labeling so it’s easier to pass off an article written by a human as if it were a video. Written by AI, but it’s very difficult to pretend to be a human in the video. The video is a real person, and here’s the other thing. Even if YouTube is flooded with clever videos, our preference for real human connection won’t change. People naturally lean toward authenticity, so by keeping your films original, you’ll grab your audience’s attention more efficiently and perform much better than videos that are authentic. Produced by artificial intelligence.

2. Search for video

YouTube is second behind Google in the search engine, but if you create video instead of written content, you will have a chance to rank clearly in YouTube, but Google displays video results in searches as well, and this is because Google owns YouTube and knows that people generally prefer to watch… Videos over reading written content, which is completely reasonable, as 95% of people say they would rather watch a video on a topic than read it. Not to mention, video platforms like YouTube and even TikTok are quickly becoming more popular than Google for younger searchers, and if Facebook and Instagram have anything to teach us, whatever is popular now among younger people will spill over and become popular among older generations sooner or later.

3. Continuous sales videos

Imagine every video you create as a salesperson dedicated to your business. You only pay them once and they continue to show up and attract new customers day after day, year after year. Instead of a blog article that might disappear under newer content on Google, YouTube videos have a much longer lifespan. Such permanent walkways draw prospects deeper into your business. Think about it, when someone watches one of your videos, YouTube’s recommendation system helps them easily switch from one video to another, creating a powerful viewing session that accelerates the cycle of knowledge, like, and trust, and that makes them much more likely to convert into customers. Compare this to Google search where there is no built-in way to return searchers to your own content.

4. Simplicity of YouTube SEO

In traditional website SEO, you deal with a lot of managing content collections, adjusting your keyword density, writing metadata, and making sure your content has a certain length, not to mention chasing backlinks, which is time-consuming and you have no control over. Simply put, as is known, you have no control over whether someone will accept your request or not, but YouTube simplifies all of that. When it comes to YouTube search engine optimization, all you really have to do is make good videos and include Keyword phrase in the title and a few times in the description, that’s it. You don’t have to worry about getting other sites linking to your site. There’s really no need for that with YouTube videos, and with YouTube, research is just the beginning. When your videos get in and YouTube starts showing them to people on their homepage because they know they’re the right audience, then you’ll grow faster. .

5. The big opportunity

Most of your competitors, even the ones that beat you in traditional SEO, are not going to switch to YouTube. It’s a completely different ball game and it scares them away. This is where you can move on. Think about it. YouTube is a very powerful opportunity but it’s not been heavily used by most businesses, especially… In the services sector, if your competitors are avoiding creating video content, it opens up a huge opportunity for you. By sticking to YouTube, you can gain a huge advantage, not only by being found, but by becoming visible and heard, and building a stronger connection with your audience. By doing what your competitors are not doing, you are not just catching up with others, you are putting yourself in a position to outperform them.

How to succeed on YouTube

You Can Easily Top Google Search Results In 2024


But not every video works, there are some things you must achieve if you want to attract the largest possible audience of people you love to collaborate with, that’s why in this video I’m going to show you the secret trick to making sure your videos find that audience and work hard, so you can just make videos, submit them to YouTube and reap the benefits for years to come, click here and I’ll show you exactly what to do.


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