Montana’s family-owned Stockman Bank breaks ground for a new banking site at 1400 11th Ave slated for late summer 2025. This marks a new chapter in Stockman Bank’s history as it seeks to promote economic growth.

The new location proposes a range of banking services, innovative technology, and superior customer service. The facility will be integrated with a 24/7 ATM, overnight deposit, drive-thru lanes, and covered cycle parking. It takes into consideration accessibility features for the physically challenged.

The buildup will also see inclusion of an on-site cafe, advanced security systems and energy management techniques to reduce carbon footprints. The bank intends to be an active community member contributing to multiple spaces like local art display stands and lecture series for better financial literacy education.

Helena Market President, Steve Fawcett, voices his enthusiasm for the upcoming development.

Stockman Bank’s new location in Montana

He believes this move will significantly enhance user experience and efficiency in banking operations.

In other news, St. Peter’s Health Medical Group – Broadway Clinic welcomes Dr. Marlys Drange, a new endocrinologist. Dr. Drange is an experienced professional coming from institutions like Stanford University and brings her specialty in managing disorders affecting endocrine glands.

She is open to accepting new patients, aiming to provide high-quality care. With her focus on pediatric care, Dr. Drange welcomes parents as active participants in their child’s health. Her intentions are to combine modern medicine with compassionate, individualized attention.

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